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booty, dancin, naked, pov, shower, skirt, strip, suck, upshot
11-10-2010 12:49
26-10-2010 03:17
DAUM how do i get your ass on me sexy lovely girl
6-12-2010 16:33
babygirl, you made me cum so hard it hurt.
14-1-2011 23:51
hey cherry, i was wondering if you sell requested videos? Keep up the great work cherry!
5-3-2011 02:48
You&039;re amazing and beautiful.
30-3-2011 19:25
I am so in love with you
22-4-2011 12:28
COULD YOU PLEASE POST AN EMAIL ADDRESS. I have WEBSITE I want you to promote. Thank You
10-6-2011 17:49
Awesome! Can you please dance to more hip hop in your videos? I like the way you move:)
Fulldeck records
11-9-2011 09:20
hey its a shakinit contest going now asap
15-9-2011 22:23
The Dude
11-11-2012 01:25
Do some dances to some twerk songs plz
14-11-2012 19:14
ha! i think i&039;m in love!

kisses to ya, cherry luv!
9-3-2013 07:34
Dam u fine is hell do you do peek ups
Andrew Juarbe
3-5-2014 06:00
How are you. Im AJ seen your page and must say you have an amazing booty and talent for dancing. Im sure you get that alot but i was interested to see if you could do any custom videos. Im willing to
2-8-2014 11:25
What is the name of the song in bikini weather is here its driving me crazy
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Audrey Lords
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Hi Guys, A lot of you might know me already from youtube or from my adult film work known as Audrey Lords. I'm also a musician, singer and of course a dancer. I'm here to shake my booty for your enjoyment. :)

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2 hot for a bikini noody booty got swagg nothing but a hoody naked and up close taking a shower while dancin and shakin my booty stripping to get it like me dancing to cure all by the Unkownn taking a shower stripping out of my robe and shakinit nude stripping it all off and shakin it to Kandy Kash! pink nighty poppin shakin and twistin! sucking on a delicious popsicle! my pretty little kitty ;) happy Valentine's booty! slowin it down cha cha cherry strip dancing to that swag music naked! stripping naked and booty shaking! stripping naked out of my tight black lingerie you know, stripping butt ass naked! stripping naked to some reggae by Natural Incense redheads do it best! sexy slow up close and personal cherrybunny booty shaking video: cherrybunny-12-14-2010-Tease.mp4 pop it shake it twist it and snap it! slide up and down nothing but a hoodie bikini weather is here! but even better to get naked! strip to I got mmm little white dress shirt tease dancing to pretty little pussy totally naked dancing to booty got swagg by Dynamite taxes are done so now its time to sit back relax and let go of all that stress! tight black dress strip soaping it up and getting low in the shower shakinit striptease to shake it by Champ  Tenn thong bikini striptease booty shakin lathering it up in the shower takin it all off to can I by Gavinchi gettin naked and shakin my whooty

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